Ashleigh Scott Facialist.

Repatriated Kiwi gal Ashleigh Scott is fast developing a reputation in the beauty biz for her talent in providing quality, expert advice on skin care.

She also, by all accounts, has the hands of an angel.

As a facialist Ashleigh is passionate about her profession. She has to be, as she literally holds the health of her clients' faces in her hands on a daily basis.

With masks, oils, serums, moisturisers and massage Ashleigh delights in bringing people's skin back to life - and - as she says, "it's very rewarding seeing the results we have been working towards, as well as the expression on my clients faces at the end of a treatment."

Clients have described their time with Ashleigh as warm, friendly, non-invasive and tranquil. They leave her salon with skin that feels (and looks) relaxed, revitalized, hydrated and glowing!

So where has this gifted aesthetician come from?

Ashleigh's career followed the traditional route of beauty therapy school after she left high school – followed by four years working as a therapist in local businesses.

Her path deviated slightly when she moved to London. "I ended up working with an inspirational boss who mentored and trained me as a facialist," she says.

Ashleigh spent two years under her tutorage and learnt how to achieve results without using some of the more invasive treatments within the industry.

"I came back to New Zealand last December and by January 2014 I was in business," she explains. "I concentrated on creating a bespoke experience for clients using natural products and lots of massage."

Ashleigh's philosophy is to use quality products that best suit each individual's skin, so she doesn't tie herself to one range. Rather she mixes and matches between organic New Zealand brands and scientifically proven ranges from overseas.

"I think people are more open to my approach than they were a few years ago. People are more interested in what they put into or onto their bodies, so a big part of my job is educating my clients."

She follows a four-step process of cleansing, correcting, massaging and hydrating, and offers two set prices regardless of the products she uses – a 60-minute Signature Facial for $140 and a 90-minute Super Facial for $180.

"What I do is more slow and progressive than machines or needles, but you can get really great results using these simple techniques."

She enjoys the one-on-one time she spends with people. "It's their time out," she says. "They are forced to relax and there is nothing else they can do – some people will even fall asleep!"

After spending her days relaxing others, Ashleigh says she unwinds by finding some space of her own to read and is also considering yoga and meditation.

However, she says, "Right now it's hard to think about other things, I'm so focused on the business."

And business is booming. As we speak she is on the move from premises in Grey Lynn to a bigger space in the City Works Depot near the Food Truck. "It's a pretty scary leap, but really exciting!"

It's easy to see how quickly Ashleigh's been able to establish herself in such a competitive industry. Her passion, hard work and dedication speak volumes. She is a facialist extraordinaire!

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